My name is Lizzie, I am a photographer and I live in Cheshire amongst the forests and ferns. A place shrouded in myths and legends that are deeply rooted amongst the moss and trees. I love to read, travel and explore and I especially love capturing magical moments, that turn into memories, telling the individual stories of all the families I spend time with.


When I was a child growing up, my mum would read me stories by Alan Garner, a local author, who wrote magical tales based on the legends of a woodland near by. We would then go exploring together, wandering through the woods, trying to find the stones, caves and lanes he wrote about in his books.


Those days are forever etched in my memory, the sun rays pouring through the leaves in the summer, falling on the dewy moss covered rocks and the leaves on the earth. The smiles, magic and sense of discovery and the loving bond between my mum and I.


My Granddad used to sing ‘Swinging On A Star,’ to me, by Bing Crosby and a line always stuck with me, ‘...Carry moonbeams home in a jar’. Wouldn’t it be amazing to capture our memories and stories to keep in a jar so we could look at them, hold them and breathe them in? Reliving our experiences.


When I grew up I realised a photograph was about the closest I could get to decanting ‘moon beams’. Using a camera and light to record a moment that would become a memory. A photograph is a powerful thing. When you look at them you don’t just see an image but you hear the laughter, feel the embrace, the texture of the clothes and smell the tobacco from your uncles pipe. You remember the conversations, feelings and events from that day. You are transported through the whole story, a glimpse through the window of time.


I completed a Degree in Fine Art and Documentary Photography and continued to develop my own style which is heavily influenced by the interaction between the environment and the people I am photographing. I allow my intuition to guide me through photography sessions which helps me capture those beautiful intimate moments that can’t be reproduced in a pose. My aim is to create a set of images that document the little looks, gestures and nuances that make up the story of a family exactly as they are at that time as it is the little things that are so special and so important to remember.


Now I am grateful to every family who invites me in to share a chapter from their story and to each couple that trusts me to capture the first day of their adventure. Every family and couple have their own unique character, charm and personality which shines through. I create soulful, honest and meaningful photographs which are inspired by YOUR story.